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The world circles around logic and rules,
Notions and visions,
Where we create our realm with sensitivity of craze,
To play with our dreams,
And converse without an expression,
In the depths of your longing,
Through the absence of presence,
Do you understand the inner silence which wraps us through the loopholes of our imaginations,
Do you feel the same frequency of aliveness in moments like blood rushing in our veins,
Do you realize the awkwardness and weirdness of our inner genius hiding in plain scenery,
Do you endeavor to revisit the souvenir of our belongings,
Do you share the laughter of how foolish we lived to fear the fearing,
Do you ponder how life would be without this touch of madness,
The burning fire or faded rose,
Do you think with a glimpse of our love,
It is a beauty of timelessness.


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