That moment when your eyes are closed and leg touches the cold water of the enormous ocean,
That moment when your hands can feel the rawness of sandstone at top of the mountain,
That moment when your eyes can seize the shooting star,
That moment when you are relaxing on a lake and birds are sipping water,
That moment when your eyes perceive the hues of the sky and create beautiful art in mind,
That moment when you can sense the aroma of flowers,
That moment when the leaves of a Gulmohar tree slide on your skin,
That moment when your eyes are burning with terrible laughs shared with friends,
That moment when your hair is a mess while feeling the calm breeze.
Our Dear Mind will scream,
At such moments,
Sometimes with joy,
Sometimes with pain,
And we experienced the feeling of silence in between.
And that’s what we need to bring back,
For our harsh lives.
“Silence for our Dear Mind”

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