I want significance, No I need a personality.
I want a big house, No I need a place to relax.
I want a fancy car, No I need someone to walk with.
I want a library, No I need knowledge.
I want to travel and explore, No I need to take a break from routine and breathe.
I want to be popular, No I need harmony with myself.
I want to be adventurous, No I need to conquer my fears.
I want to have many friends, No I need someone who can understand.
I want someone who loves, No I need someone who holds till the end.
I want everyone to be happy, No I need to be happy.
I want to cheer people, No I need to speak truth boldly.
Our thoughts are like streaming water,
Sometimes feel like calm.
Sometimes feel like huge waves.
So why not play with our thoughts,
Sometimes like hide and seek,
Sometimes like kabaddi with water,
Sometimes like a jig-saw puzzle.
While having fun organize them,
We can swim in them,
Or we will be drowned in them.

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