How subtle our heart is, isn’t it?
Endorses everything,
Senses everything,
Every emotion, Every feeling, Every gesture.
We observe,
We realize,
And we criticize.
For all our losing control,
For all our bitterness,
For all our impulsive judgments,
For all our indirect paths,
For all our jumping shifts,
For all our sensitive attitudes,
For all our sweet endeavors,
For all our downfalls,
For all our loss.
There is some chemistry between heart and mind.
But we always accuse the heart of our choices.
It’s better to nourish our heart like blossoms and have patience it will give remarkable outcomes.


From an innocent kid,
To vicious bird.
From an encouraging childhood,
To lost in maturity.
From magical mysteries and curiosity,
To doubting our own self.
We all evolve with stories,
Sometimes with an interesting climax,
Sometimes with an entertainment,
Sometimes with a tragic ending,
It brings solace,
It brings joyful eternities,
It brings suffering.
It shows who stays,
It shows who left,
It shows who was constantly there but we never saw,
No matter what the story portrays,
We need to “live” in a story,
With all emotions,
With pauses and stillness,
With breathtaking moments.
It’s better to modify a story than never creating it.


That moment when your eyes are closed and leg touches the cold water of the enormous ocean,
That moment when your hands can feel the rawness of sandstone at top of the mountain,
That moment when your eyes can seize the shooting star,
That moment when you are relaxing on a lake and birds are sipping water,
That moment when your eyes perceive the hues of the sky and create beautiful art in mind,
That moment when you can sense the aroma of flowers,
That moment when the leaves of a Gulmohar tree slide on your skin,
That moment when your eyes are burning with terrible laughs shared with friends,
That moment when your hair is a mess while feeling the calm breeze.
Our Dear Mind will scream,
At such moments,
Sometimes with joy,
Sometimes with pain,
And we experienced the feeling of silence in between.
And that’s what we need to bring back,
For our harsh lives.
“Silence for our Dear Mind”


I want significance, No I need a personality.
I want a big house, No I need a place to relax.
I want a fancy car, No I need someone to walk with.
I want a library, No I need knowledge.
I want to travel and explore, No I need to take a break from routine and breathe.
I want to be popular, No I need harmony with myself.
I want to be adventurous, No I need to conquer my fears.
I want to have many friends, No I need someone who can understand.
I want someone who loves, No I need someone who holds till the end.
I want everyone to be happy, No I need to be happy.
I want to cheer people, No I need to speak truth boldly.
Our thoughts are like streaming water,
Sometimes feel like calm.
Sometimes feel like huge waves.
So why not play with our thoughts,
Sometimes like hide and seek,
Sometimes like kabaddi with water,
Sometimes like a jig-saw puzzle.
While having fun organize them,
We can swim in them,
Or we will be drowned in them.


Let’s meet,
Where there is more nature than human,
Where there is more adventure than fear,
Where there is more gain than loss,
I will take you,
To every corner,
In my wonderland.
Walk-in red mud to see blossoming flowers.
Feel the soil,
Feel the elegance.
Dance in a calm ocean with red wine.
Feel the gesture,
Feel the presence.
Speechless conversation glancing at serene sunset with a cup of tea.
Feel the silence,
Feel the emptiness.
Watching moon and stars from distant with hope.
Feel the stillness,
Feel the passion.
Let’s live in such a wonderland.
And remember wandering.


Smile, Make them smile
Laugh, Make them laugh,
Sing, Make them sing,
Dance, Make them dance,
Just like a group of children playing around a tree,
On a summer afternoon,
Laughing, Singing, Dancing, Teasing,
Without any concerns and fear,
Full of happiness.
Just like a group of friends,
On winter sunsets,
Laughing and teasing each other,
Without any reason.
Just like you,
On lonely days,
Dance and sing,
When no one is around.
Bring out the mask of people-pleasing,
And live the moment.
Like one day it will be great tales to tell.

Old soul

Allow me to take you to the most amazing moments of my life where small things brought joy.

A time where playing outdoor was more fun than on mobile phones.
A time where companions were more connected through understanding than on social media.
A time where being shy and kind was considerable than showing off.
A time where Date can be Ice cream rather than fancy dinner.
A time where looking in the sky and feeling soothed than doing drugs.
A time where watching the sunset with someone was astonishing than taking pictures.
A time where walking on streets at night to feel calm breeze than sitting at home watching Netflix.
A time where laughing together with family on lazy Sundays than traveling solo.
A time where crying felt good than drinking and later crying alone.
A time where talking and understanding anyone was a priority than being envious.

What would life be if we don’t run behind wanting’s and “Just Live”.

Little efforts

I was afraid, you made me sing
I was exhausted, you made me dance
I was nervous, you made me write
I was lost, you made me organize
I was realizing, you made me feel
I was thinking, you made me a dreamer
I was wondering, you made me travel
I was reading, you made me a believer
I was talking, you made me poetic
I was angry, you made me relax
I was frightened, you made survive
I was fighting, you made me a warrior
I was sad, you made me happy
I was stupid, you made me polite
I was crazy, you made me crazier
I was nobody, you made me somebody
And this is how the story begins…
Very few lucky people hold on to such a person.

Small Things

Sometimes joy is playing with kids,
Sometimes assisting mother in the kitchen,
Sometimes learning lessons from father,
Sometimes fighting with annoying brother,
Sometimes laughing with friends,
Sometimes dancing in rain,
Sometimes singing loudly with wrong lyrics,
Sometimes getting high and doing crazy things,
Sometimes conversing with strangers,
Sometimes staring at stars,
Sometimes sharing with special ones,
Sometimes expressing our love,
Sometimes crying in the bathroom,
Sometimes feeling alone,
Sometimes with a cup of tea, staring at a blank wall.
It just takes kindness to be just with someone without any reason, everyone is fighting a battle.
Be a reason to hold someone in the worst scenarios.
Why not make anyone smile but also never forget you are anyone too.

Small things matters a lot.

Dancing with Thoughts

Dance, when you are furious,
Dance, when you are optimistic,
Dance, when you are exhausted,
Dance, when you are self-reliant,
Dance, when you are barbecuing,
Dance, when you are glancing at stars,
Dance, when you are understanding,
Dance, when you are dreaming,
Dance, when you are feeling,
Dance, when you are exploring,
Dance, when you are perceiving,
Dance with thoughts, until you feel flawlessly free.
It is said that dancing and peaceful melody helps in processing our thoughts.
So why not have fun with it rather than overthinking.

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