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  • Write

    I longed to write about all those unexpressed emotions,With a sense of essence,The ideas and abstraction of my fragmentation,Through unfulfilled dreams and lost chances,Melted into the loss of flowing river,As I fearlessly danced with the sunshine,I break my heart to unfold the hidden treasures,Wrapped around the regrets to ease the grief,On the verge of an…

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  • Travel

    The veils of known,The pursuit of the unknown,And the loss of failure,Drives me to wander here and there,As I travel losing myself in the journey,The numb self breaks like shattered glass,As the wind holds the secret pieces of it,I follow the fragrance of the breeze,Solace to discover a way,In this tangled world of circuses,Where love…

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  • Connections

    Connections are the core of our presence,We nurture and evolve through our relationships,In the fabric of reality, we share our hearts with rare people,As an art of effortlessly bonding,Where our silences are heard and loudness is silent,We share our little moments as a memorial,Meeting each other on the verge of collision,And walking in darkness under…

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  • Silent scream

    The screams within me,Calms in the beauty of dawn,As everyday life comes to pass,Silently the noise rises in the evening,It starts to dance restlessly,As if thrown in the ball of fire,The ashes stay the whole night,To witness the drama of rage,In the broken edges of self,Invisible beneath the laughter,It breaks the broken,And tears the dead…

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“Every one of us is losing something precious to us. Lost opportunities, lost possibilities, feelings we can never get back again. That’s part of what it means to be alive.”

— Kafka on the Shore

Exploring Places and learning

An observant Architect and wandering soul who captures the tales of poetic experiences through writing. Traveler by heart who explores the essence through understanding the relationship between people and places with sensitivity, as I believe “Architecture is an extension of one’s life “

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