Do we examine our dreams?
Do we talk about our joy?
Do we discuss our curiosities?

Dream, Dream, and Dream,
Living like a Dreamer,
Visualizing the utopia,
Talking trees,
Walking leaves,
Nodding clouds,
Laughing lives.

Joy, Joy, and Joy,
Living like a cheerful person,
Dispersing in the utopia,
With darkness,
With imperfection,
With surprises,
With excitement.

Curious, Curious and Curious,
Living like a thinker,
Proposing our wonder in our utopia,
With observing the universe,
With helping around us,
With a caring individuality,
With a good heart.

Believe, Believe and Believe,
And hope like an ambition,
One fine day,
Our world will evolve with people who are dreamer,happy,and curious.

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