The cup of tea and deep conversations.
The bottle of whiskey and few mixtures.

The silence and the rhythm of birds.
Partying and dancing with the unconscious mind.

Laughing at old photographs and creating memories.
Crying at old love and feeling broken.

Pausing the dusk and capturing the silhouette.
Watching Netflix and narrating the mundane.

Staring at stars and knowing the existence.
Noticing the ceiling and whine.

The journey of existence.
The index of life.

Depends on choices,
Sometimes with the right judgments,
Sometimes with the regrets,
Sometimes with the incomplete story,
Sometimes with the chaos,

And yet sometimes,
We remember to be,
Happy in a moment.
And that makes a difference.

29 thoughts on “Diversity”

  1. Life is a dance of senses and some times nonsenses also , its diversity , very well written in silence within the noise all arround ……. value for time Blog , will like to exchange my time here some times , love all.

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