Our way of thinking can be primarily of two types: free-flowing and constrained and it shapes us. There are two characters in our thinking process. Our senses and mind. It’s like an intriguing game where two are generally contradicted with each other.
I think our senses are more free-flowing player carrying intangible qualities. While our brain is a rational player, possessing tangible qualities.
But what if we think as the journey being significant in this game rather than who wins and loses. I think its perfect combination for humans, where we experience love and anger, prosperity and depression, compassion and betrayal, where one permits us to be free-flowing while others are our reactions.

But what should be the way of thinking that will make us human?

I believe our thinking should be, reaching to stars and exploring parallel universes but also observe people around us and their hardships and sorrows.

I believe our thinking should be, bringing changes for the future but also learning from the past as a method.

I believe our thinking should be, to make a perfect world but also to understand the imperfections of chaos.

I believe our thinking should be, of dreaming and wandering but also acknowledging our realities.

It just starts with the way of thinking.

Be a dreamer but also a compassionate human.

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      1. We are beings made in community, flurish in community, and desire community. It serves to reason we find our greatest meaning and fulfillment there.

        Nobody makes himself, that is the start of it. 😊😊😊

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  1. Our way of thinking seems to alternate between a forest ouside Athens (representing the real physical world) and the realm of Titania, Oberon and the fairies (representing other ethereal realms) as noted by Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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