Losing Humanity

When I was a kid,
I used to travel with my dad,
And I remember the chaotic city,
Where no stars were noticeable but colorful lights,
Where no trees were visible but tall building,
Where no rivers or valleys were evident but ponds or lakes,
Where no one is smiling but full of people all around,
Dealing with anxiety, depression, and chaos,
Children running here and there,
On the busy roads,
Trading balloons,
Poor mother waiting for children and an alcoholic husband,
Sleeping with an empty stomach.
And I wonder why are we suffering?
Why are we so inhumane?
We have evolved so much,
That values and ethics,
From our ancestors is lost,
We have evolved so much,
That respect and care,
For one another is lost,
We have evolved so much,
That sharing knowledge and understanding,
Replenished with opportunities is lost,
Evolution brought change,
And we are sitting and watching it.
Being Inhumane,
It just takes one hand to help another hand,
It just takes one idea to bring change,
It just takes oneself for standing responsible,
It just takes one approach for humanity,
Its time to be responsive for ourselves and future eras.
Before everything is lost, as lost is lost.

24 thoughts on “Losing Humanity”

  1. This is well-written and relevant. The world is “chaotic,” as you say. But also as you say, small, affirming gestures here and there make the difference. We’ll be on the right way.

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