Can you share your sufferings with the mountains?
Feeling textures of stone,
Slowly disclosing the tale.

Can you imagine with stars?
Adoring the elegance,
Slowly skipping the daily occupied lives.

Can you walk with the ocean?
Sensing the tenderness,
Slowly relaxing in the present moment.

Can you sing with the breeze?
Experiencing the chilliness on the skin,
Slowly knowing the existence.

Can you explain the flowers?
Understanding the twinkling details,
Slowly appreciating the complexity of simple things.

Can you communicate with animals?
Believing in companionship,
Slowly ignoring the loneliness.

Can you dance in the rain?
Feeling the pause in raindrops,
Slowly losing yourself to be independent.

Can you touch the moon?
Feeling the mystery,
Slowly learning the patience in continuing.

If not,
Then what is the distinction between you and robot?

In our one life,
Why not acknowledge the complexity in reality,
Through the medium of our dreams, ideas, and thoughts,
To conclude in magic.