It starts with a sweet approach, I know

Seems attractive personality like rare flowers in the garden, I know

Eye pleasing looks like the sunset at a beach, I know

A kind and generous character like shades of the moon, I know

Calm behavior like water in the ocean, I know

Lovely and great talks like sparkling stars, I know

Colorful mind like a rainbow in the sky, I know

Sugary thoughts like jumping monkeys on trees, I know

And it changes one day, I know

As a wild personality like a fireball, I know

As a firm looks like spots of rust on a car, I know

As an unkind character like a barren land, I know

As a heartless behavior like an insensitive to other people’s feeling, I know

As a comfortless talk like a teaspoon of salt in a tea, I know

As a severe mind like toxic chemicals, I know

As a bitter thought like a garbage, I know

But it is worth, I know

Mysterious guy

It was a summer afternoon,

Saw for the first time,

It started and ended with a cup of tea.

He was mysterious like an old cave,

Carved stories all over and painted,

As if it had all his emotions expressed in dark colors.

Colorful, still looked like black and white.

Always looked bit confused and tensed,

Messy in all ways,

Fear and not taking risks,

As if something was holding him.

But he knew how to laugh,to dance,to get lost,to be found.

That eyes never lied.

His eyes were the window to his soul, the only way

He was not perfect but real,

Like an old soul running in the modern era,

He was like a wire ball, tangled in his mess.

Lost in his wonderland,

And like that lost forever.



City full of dreams,
People busy in their own chaos,
Every day seems same,
Just run, run and run,
Like a race.
And suddenly one day everything stops.

Roads are empty,
Birds are free and chirping,
Clouds of silence,
It is time to pause.

It is a time when there is the fear of cloud on every person
But still,
It is a time when families are together.
It is a time where happiness is shared by playing cards and carrom.
It is a time where joy is spread through helping each other.
It is a time where kindness is shown towards people.
It is a time where fear is shared by being together.
It is a time where new skills are learned from parents.
It is a time where stories of Mahabharat and Shaktiman are watched together.
It is a time when books are more valued than social apps.
It is a time when laughing together would be a memorable memory than taking selfies.
It is time to pause and not think about depression, anxiety, and social status.
Let’s just enjoy this moment together because one day it is going to be a memory.
Let’s just PAUSE…

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