Another world

Let’s meet,
In our parallel universe,
Where men can love men,
Where women can love women.

Just love and living in affection.
Where humanity,
Where caring,
Where respect is love,

Where there are no laws,
Where there are no sufferings.

Where love is love, not a notion,
Not an approval or short term commitment.

Where men can show emotions,
Can cry loudly,
Can breathe without responsibilities,
In the comfort of another man.

Where women can show boldness,
Can speak confidently,
Can take responsibility,
In the comfort of another woman.

Where men can love men,
Where women can love women,
Flourishing and growing like flowers,
Compassion and kindness like animals,
Laugh and cry like humans.

Love like love,
Like magic,
In our parallel universe.

Let’s be supportive in this world.


Can you share your sufferings with the mountains?
Feeling textures of stone,
Slowly disclosing the tale.

Can you imagine with stars?
Adoring the elegance,
Slowly skipping the daily occupied lives.

Can you walk with the ocean?
Sensing the tenderness,
Slowly relaxing in the present moment.

Can you sing with the breeze?
Experiencing the chilliness on the skin,
Slowly knowing the existence.

Can you explain the flowers?
Understanding the twinkling details,
Slowly appreciating the complexity of simple things.

Can you communicate with animals?
Believing in companionship,
Slowly ignoring the loneliness.

Can you dance in the rain?
Feeling the pause in raindrops,
Slowly losing yourself to be independent.

Can you touch the moon?
Feeling the mystery,
Slowly learning the patience in continuing.

If not,
Then what is the distinction between you and robot?

In our one life,
Why not acknowledge the complexity in reality,
Through the medium of our dreams, ideas, and thoughts,
To conclude in magic.


Our way of thinking can be primarily of two types: free-flowing and constrained and it shapes us. There are two characters in our thinking process. Our senses and mind. It’s like an intriguing game where two are generally contradicted with each other.
I think our senses are more free-flowing player carrying intangible qualities. While our brain is a rational player, possessing tangible qualities.
But what if we think as the journey being significant in this game rather than who wins and loses. I think its perfect combination for humans, where we experience love and anger, prosperity and depression, compassion and betrayal, where one permits us to be free-flowing while others are our reactions.

But what should be the way of thinking that will make us human?

I believe our thinking should be, reaching to stars and exploring parallel universes but also observe people around us and their hardships and sorrows.

I believe our thinking should be, bringing changes for the future but also learning from the past as a method.

I believe our thinking should be, to make a perfect world but also to understand the imperfections of chaos.

I believe our thinking should be, of dreaming and wandering but also acknowledging our realities.

It just starts with the way of thinking.

Be a dreamer but also a compassionate human.


Every child is creative so why do only a few of them are popular?
There are numerous artists, scientists, technicians who have done tremendous work but still we know a few of them who are well-known. So what renders them unique?
I think they are the people who stays and feel young throughout their existence. They play in their designs and research, formulate magical creative ideas that result in their individualism. When we were kids we used to play, fall, run, escape without having any fear. And later in our life, we forgot to play and only recall our childhood in memories. We follow the race of survival rather than living. We destroy our own creativity in the process of evolving. But our Dear mind is so creative and complex than why not just flirt and tease it through ideas and thoughts in our life.
Our bodies can grow old but our thinking can continue to be young and without fear. To stay youthful we need to get lost and found, run towards the mystery, committed to the passion in our own unique way. We should feel good in exploring dumb questions, retaining curiosities, making mistakes, attempting and failing, beginning again from experiences that will lead to the interpretation of our own path rather than the following anyone. Thus I learned, it is exceptionally important to play and manipulate our mind, through such a strategy we will discover our own strengths and weakness resulting in our own attitude, confidence, and success.

What if we are stuck in a maze?
What if we can travel in black hole?
What if we map our entangled thoughts?

Losing Humanity

When I was a kid,
I used to travel with my dad,
And I remember the chaotic city,
Where no stars were noticeable but colorful lights,
Where no trees were visible but tall building,
Where no rivers or valleys were evident but ponds or lakes,
Where no one is smiling but full of people all around,
Dealing with anxiety, depression, and chaos,
Children running here and there,
On the busy roads,
Trading balloons,
Poor mother waiting for children and an alcoholic husband,
Sleeping with an empty stomach.
And I wonder why are we suffering?
Why are we so inhumane?
We have evolved so much,
That values and ethics,
From our ancestors is lost,
We have evolved so much,
That respect and care,
For one another is lost,
We have evolved so much,
That sharing knowledge and understanding,
Replenished with opportunities is lost,
Evolution brought change,
And we are sitting and watching it.
Being Inhumane,
It just takes one hand to help another hand,
It just takes one idea to bring change,
It just takes oneself for standing responsible,
It just takes one approach for humanity,
Its time to be responsive for ourselves and future eras.
Before everything is lost, as lost is lost.


That moment when water drips,
From mountains, valleys, streams,
To lakes, ponds, fountain,
Is similar to,
That moment when thought flows,
From neurons to neurons in our Dear mind,
To create maze, mystery, connections.

That moment when water seizes an identity,
From transparent,real,crystal,
To abundance, scarcity, minimal,
Is similar to,
That moment when thought takes a silhouette,
From dream, desire, purpose,
To reality, acceptance, compromise.

That moment when water is dripping,
From the feeling of frigid,
To the feeling of stillness,
Is similar to,
That moment when thought is flowing,
From the feeling of concern,
To the feeling of patience.

Connections are part of humans.
From nature to the universe.
From an individual to the soul.


It was like a lost piece,
In a jigsaw puzzle,
Flawlessly matches,
And path traversed.
Our journey started as a tragedy,
Memorable accident.
Before it was like raw “Beer”,
Little by little,
From melody to ambitions,
From funny to the annoying side of us,
Laughing and laughing,
Without purpose.
Later it was like neat “Whiskey”,
Like a missile,
Influencing our brain,
From intense secrets to deep thinking,
From flower to analogs of life.
Now it is like sweet “Wine”,
Once in a while,
We converse,
With a bunch of recollections.
I will keep our memories,
Same way as I keep dried flowers,
As once it was energetic and vibrant

Architect,Writer,Thinker and Dreamer.

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