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Choice for future

As an Architect, I imagine recreating things from learnings of existing and reimagining the world with the present chaos.

My imagination train takes me to a world that is simple yet complex. It is a leaf that looks modest but when examine we realize the details of it which makes it beautiful.
A world of individuals called as thinkers and dreamers.
A world full of passionate people challenging “Why” rather than “Yes” or “No” and “Good” or “Bad”,provoking and maintaining curiosities in souls.
A world developing by technology and modern means but also as a human being. Getting old is mandatory but our thinking can remain young.
A world of “Kindness” and “Compassion” as our role models rather then T.V or Media stars.
A world where knowledge is judged by sharing and experiencing rather than achieving degrees.
A world where humanity is shown towards people without any discrimination.
A world full of strangers but connected through understanding.
A world where there is no level of hierarchy but a community of ideas.
Because I believe to solve the problem in our world rather than thinking or dreaming about society as per our comfort zone.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
-Leonardo Vinci


Every child is creative so why do only a few of them are popular?
There are numerous artists, scientists, technicians who have done tremendous work but still we know a few of them who are well-known. So what renders them unique?
I think they are the people who stays and feel young throughout their existence. They play in their designs and research, formulate magical creative ideas that result in their individualism. When we were kids we used to play, fall, run, escape without having any fear. And later in our life, we forgot to play and only recall our childhood in memories. We follow the race of survival rather than living. We destroy our own creativity in the process of evolving. But our Dear mind is so creative and complex than why not just flirt and tease it through ideas and thoughts in our life.
Our bodies can grow old but our thinking can continue to be young and without fear. To stay youthful we need to get lost and found, run towards the mystery, committed to the passion in our own unique way. We should feel good in exploring dumb questions, retaining curiosities, making mistakes, attempting and failing, beginning again from experiences that will lead to the interpretation of our own path rather than the following anyone. Thus I learned, it is exceptionally important to play and manipulate our mind, through such a strategy we will discover our own strengths and weakness resulting in our own attitude, confidence, and success.

What if we are stuck in a maze?
What if we can travel in black hole?
What if we map our entangled thoughts?

Elements and Emotions

Our home has elements such as windows, doors, ceilings, gardens. Likewise, we humans have emotions such as love, anger, fear, surprise. Our home is incomplete without these elements and also we are empty without our emotions.
So how should we design these elements because it shapes our emotions?
I always wonder about these elements and think that window should be formulated as if you are waiting for your partner, peeking slowly for new beginnings. Doors should be understood as an opportunity, if it is closed it can be open again. We feel such dilemmas in our life like being stuck so we can start again, way towards unknown. I stare at ceilings most of the time, it seizes me in my dreamy world where I can feel more alive. Garden, that’s like walking in a dreamland, feeling the activeness of each sense. It’s all connected our feelings and reactions according to our surroundings.
So as a designer I think we should not just add doors and windows for sake of requirement but rather developed the views and imaginations which will shape our reality. Eventually, it will also shape our identity, it will rely on how we open the door, wait at the window, or dream in the garden. It will create an image in our minds for the rest of our lives.
I think it is better to design these elements carefully which leads us towards them otherwise we will just sit and watch Netflix having depression and anxieties rather than exploring or dreaming.

Does our role as a Human being and as an Architect is different?

21st century, such a remarkable age where technology is at its peak. We have evolved in all respective areas such as science, medicine, astronomy, digital art, robotics, and many more. Everything is accessible on one single click and we should be grateful for such a privilege to dwell in this era. But let’s narrow down to ourselves.
Are we really evolved as humans?
Are we really curious about things around us?
What are we as an individual thinker?
I always think that technology has given us information and bounded us globally but it has also split us from our own mind and visions. We just see things, avoiding the details, purposes, and asking even stupid questions. We just pursue the information or idea of someone else losing our own identity.
But what if we begin observing, exploring, experimenting, inventing, failing, and learning through this experience. Learning is a journey by observing in detail, understanding the law of nature, and be curious about everything around us. I think such an attitude will motivate us and we will feel alive in such curiosities. Thus it will also influence us as human beings. When we start perceiving people around us, their misery, their happiness, little moments in the slowness of time, and thinking about it that idea can bring a difference. We can show humanity. But for that, we need to change our perspective of observation and responding to them.
As an architect, We possess an opportunity to make our dream into reality.
When we start thinking freely, enjoying and observing little things, magic can happen.
That’s a magical reality.