Old soul

Allow me to take you to the most amazing moments of my life where small things brought joy.

A time where playing outdoor was more fun than on mobile phones.
A time where companions were more connected through understanding than on social media.
A time where being shy and kind was considerable than showing off.
A time where Date can be Ice cream rather than fancy dinner.
A time where looking in the sky and feeling soothed than doing drugs.
A time where watching the sunset with someone was astonishing than taking pictures.
A time where walking on streets at night to feel calm breeze than sitting at home watching Netflix.
A time where laughing together with family on lazy Sundays than traveling solo.
A time where crying felt good than drinking and later crying alone.
A time where talking and understanding anyone was a priority than being envious.

What would life be if we don’t run behind wanting’s and “Just Live”.

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